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Body After Baby Motherload Maternity Support Band - White - S

Body After Baby Motherload Maternity Support Band - White - S

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Like new, No packaging. Wash prior to use.

The Motherload by Body After Baby is for active pregnant women that need to relieve back, hip and abdominal pain and to reduce sciatica. Unlike other pregnancy support bands, the Motherload is especially designed for active pregnant moms. Soft, breathable moisture wicking material moves synergistically with a mom’s growing belly, whether running around town, or getting into a pregnancy safe yoga move. Plus a sleek design means you can wear it under your clothes (even fitted gym clothes), without the whole world knowing.

Relieves Pain and Pressure

  • Relieves lower back and sciatic pain
  • Relieves pressure on stomach, hips and pelvis
  • 2-piece design applies support without increasing pressure on the baby
  • ObGyn recommended anatomical design
  • Improves circulation and reduces fatigue
Designed to Support an Active lifestyle
  • Unique molded Airlight™ foam panels with perforated holes help keep moms cool while on-the-go
  • Sheer design that looks great under clothes, unlike other bulky pregnancy belly bands
  • Molded foam panels contours over hips and cradles under belly without applying pressure or digging
  • Lightweight materials that do not fold or roll down like elastic and moves synergistically with moms to be
  • 10” of adjustability to grow with your growing belly

Size Recommendation for S is 0 - 4

Material: EVA Foam / Polyester / Nylon / Spandex

Care Instructions: Hand wash.