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DLVR ActivEmbrace® Original Abdominal Support Band - Black - 1 (sizes 0-4)

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Return item. Small snag on band.

Designed by a physical therapist, the DLVR® Maternity’s patent-pending ActivEmbrace® Postnatal Support (original version) was created with anatomy and physiology in mind. This scientifically designed support helps with recovery of abdominal function after delivery including addressing diastasis recti – a common separation of the abdominal muscles experienced by over 50 percent of women after their first delivery.

  • Use immediately after delivery through 8-12 weeks postpartum
  • Appropriate for vaginal or cesarean delivery, including VBAC
ActivEmbrace® Original Abdominal Support Band:

  • Flexible, comfortable, breathable support that allows you to sit or bend comfortably
  • Soft, four-way stretch sleeve as its base
  • Elastic straps and velcro to help adjust it and provide support on the outside
  • The elastic straps pull from opposite sides, crossing over in the front to draw the abdomen together and mimic the function of your deep abdominal muscles.

Size Recommendation for 1 (sizes 0-4) is Size 1 (sizes 0 - 4)

Material: Sleeve: 80% Nylon; 20% Spandex

Trim: 97% Cotton; 3% Spandex

Elastic: 64% Polyester; 36% Rubber

Care Instructions: Machine wash cold in gentle cycle; non-chlorine bleach; lay flat to dry